I had the pleasure to sit down (over Zoom) with Bentley Hall, the CEO of Good Eggs, a start-up aimed at pioneering and revolutionizing the online grocery delivery space, and also our most recent portfolio company in the consumer space. Bentley shared his story, had some great insights about the grocery industry as a whole, and also shared exciting details about Good Eggs, including their goals and values.

Republic Labs is excited to support Good Eggs due to their measured approach towards growth, focus on supporting local producers and creating quality jobs, and involvement in an increasingly growing vertical of…

Acala is a decentralized finance (DeFi) hub and stablecoin platform allowing for cross blockchain liquidity and applications. Built as part of the PolkaDot network, the Acala Network’s native currency, known as the Acala Dollar (aUSD) is a stablecoin, which means that users can always exchange one Acala Dollar for a US Dollar. Eligible users can stake their Acala Dollars and earn rewards.

Acala Co-Founder Ruitao Su has been an engineer and entrepreneur pretty much his whole life, only working one “job.” Before he jumped into the blockchain space he had been an independent app developer, focusing on creating mobile applications…

Dapper Labs leverages blockchain technology to create highly accessible entertainment and games apps for retail user adoption, with unparalleled brand partnerships such as those with the NBA, UFC, Dr. Seuss and more.

I had the privilege to speak with Weilei Yu, Head of Marketing at Flow. Created initially as a side project at a venture studio, Dapper Labs saw raging success with their first product: CryptoKitties. Since then they have released other projects such as NBA Top Shot — passing CryptoKitties as #1 in all-time transactions volume — which allows anyone to own basketball moments as collectibles, and Cheeze Wizards

Agnetix is a horticulture lighting company with a system approach. They provide not just the physical lights but also software and analytics. Their mission is to empower growers with an efficient lighting system as well as the data to make growing decisions.

I had the pleasure of speaking with two awesome members of the Agnetix team — Jordan Miles (CEO of Agnetix) and Ihor Lys (Co-Founder/CTO) — and learning all about how the company was started and how they’re truly innovating the horticulture industry, and doing way more than just producing a fancy lightbulb.

Ihor Lys, PhD — Co-Founder/CTO (photo courtesy of Agnetix.com)

In 1997, Lys was one of…

Apollo Neuroscience is a wellness technology brand that regulates stress through the use of vibrations from a wearable worn on the wrist or ankle. Their mission is to empower people to take control of their health by taking control of their stress first.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathryn Fantauzzi, Co-Founder of Apollo Neuroscience. Not only did I learn the history of Apollo and how she worked together with Dr. …

Caraway is a home brand that uses ceramic as opposed to Teflon to create non-toxic, eco-friendly cookware. Their mission is to make the home and kitchen stylish & safe while also making cooking and decor more accessible.

People forget. A broad statement but absolutely true. Did I remember to lock the car when I left? Did I remember to schedule that Zoom meeting or respond to the email from yesterday? Usually, our forgettings don’t have severe repercussions, but what if a slip of mind could lead to toxic poisoning?

Before founding Caraway, CEO Jordan Nathan was cooking on a Teflon…

Bokksu is a food start-up that delivers authentic Japanese snacks to your door. Their mission is to bridge people together and sustain culture through authentic food and storytelling. Bokksu partners directly with snack-making businesses in Japan, anywhere from Tokyo, to Hokkaido, to Okinawa, and brings these snacks to customers in the US and over 70 other countries.

Danny Taing, Bokksu Founder (Photo from Bokksu.com)

Danny Taing had been working with Google for about a year when he decided it was time to follow his dream: moving to Japan. During his time at Stanford, Danny studied psychology and Japanese, so he had completely fallen in love with the…

From Christian Sullivan of Republic Labs (sent to LPs on March 23rd):

I started out writing a note about sustainable growth and how it will be a crucial indicator of private investment opportunities going forward. I also thought to mention that following the leader in private investing was vital, as 4% of top VCs made 66% of IPO returns in the last internet boom. I soon realized describing the stress we all feel would be more useful than investment opportunities at the moment.

In May 2017, I took an 18-day rafting trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon…

Sent to LPs on March 9th

Good Afternoon Investors:

We’re writing this morning to address the large volatility hitting global markets in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Saudi Arabia vs. Russian oil war, and other turbulence. The world today is full of uncertainty, and we want to assure our investors that we’re present, focused, and monitoring all of our investments for capital needs and outsized impact. …

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